Plug and Play Organizer

A fantastic example of a modern love letter, and as everyone knows I’m a sucker for flattery. Thanks love.

your passport to complaining

i’ve organized lots of different types of events: conferences, arrest actions, political campaigns, social gathering, work parties and festivals.  The job of organizing often splits into two broad parts – logistics and content.


Logistics organizers make sure that all the registration fees are paid, that ride shares are organized, that the site is prepped, that speakers or workshop givers are picked up at the train station, that the press releases goes out and the promotion is done, that the event program or action fingerbook is compiled and proofed, that the dry erase board has working markers or the participants know their rights and have lawyer numbers written on their arms, that the food is prepared or the pot lucks don’t have 16 deserts and no main course, and that there is bail money somewhere to get our people out of jail if needed.

Content organizers figure out who is going to…

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Twin Oaks in the news

One of the best articles I’ve seen about Twin Oaks recently.

“It turns out that being busy means something different in a world where most of your work goes toward feeding, clothing, housing, and healing your friends and neighbors, instead of enriching anonymous corporations. And so, for a place with so many hammocks, Twin Oaks does not exactly cultivate a lounging atmosphere. It’s home to the kind of people who will tell you that their work is fun. And, since they get to more or less choose when, where, how, and with whom they work, that may well be the case.”  via I worked hard for no pay — and I dug it –

I’m officially divorced!

I got a call from my lawyer/friend yesterday to let me know that my divorce is finally final!  Even cooler, the divorce decree was issued on 12-12-12.  No deep thoughts about the nature of civil marriage and civil divorce, just relief that after 3/4 of a decade this marriage and extended separation is finally over.